October 4, 2022


Research and describe ‘Epigenetics’ in about 2-3 pages including at least one reference in any format. Try to answer the […]
October 2, 2022

“Parasite” OR “Sorry to Bother You”

Watch “Parasite” OR “Sorry to Bother You” 1) How does the film “Sorry to Bother You” or “Parasite” critique socio-economic […]
October 2, 2022

Characteristic meals that include proteins from two different sources

Many cultures have characteristic meals that include proteins from two different sources. For example, beans and rice, eggs and toast, […]
September 30, 2022

Blood glucose agents

Write a Presentation or speech about Blood glucose agents
September 29, 2022

Endangered species

1.What endangered species were you not aware of? 2.What endangered species were you already aware of? 3.What surprised you in […]
September 28, 2022

Major external and internal female genital organs.

Differentiate the structures and functions of the major external and internal female genital organs.
September 27, 2022

Define the following solutions: hypertonic, hypotonic, isotonic.

This should include: What is osmosis? How does osmosis differ from diffusion? What is concentration? What determines the direction of […]
September 26, 2022

How does osmosis differ from diffusion?

Background information can be found in the Student Workbook as well as the OpenStax textbook, or online (just be sure […]
September 25, 2022

Asexual – sexual reproduction

1.ERD Part 4 Introduction and make a summary 2. Briefly explain the following concepts: a. Asexual – sexual reproduction b. […]
September 25, 2022

Biology or socialization?

Which most powerfully influences gender differences in behavior– biology or socialization? What are the implications (for individuals, institutions, and society) […]
September 4, 2022

Did life start with RNA or DNA

One of the greatest mysteries of all time is how life originated on Planet Earth. Even the most basic and […]
September 4, 2022

Gender Stereotypes

Gender Stereotypes on both Parenthood and Personal Identity in the Book and Film Adaptation of Coraline