September 19, 2022

Math for Economists

Note: The test has 110 points. 1 Matrices, Production Function and Derivatives 1.1 Matrices and Production Function (10 points, 2.5 […]
July 18, 2022

Ecological analysis of the issues highlighted by the organization

QUESTION   1.Provide an ecological analysis of the issues highlighted by the organization or resource you provided, from ideological to […]
April 29, 2022

Carbon and Ecological Footprints

QUESTION Main Findings from both Footprints:   Compare/Contrast these two Analyses of your Footprints:   What did you find interesting? […]
February 24, 2022

Socio Ecological Approach

QUESTION In Module 1 several theories were discussed to help us better understand the complexity of health and health promotion. […]
November 18, 2021

Ecology and the environment

QUESTION   Read the attached texts and answer the questions in your own words. 1. Define ecological restoration, reintroduction, and […]
November 9, 2021

Ecology Analysis

QUESTION   Natural Selection Introduction o What are the forces that influenced Evolution? 1- Natural selection. 2- Random genetic drift. […]