May 26, 2023

Political Parties and the Process

Instructions Prepare a 500-800 word paper on Political Parties and the Process. At a minimum, your paper should address the […]
May 23, 2023

Donald Trump did not incite Capitol Riot

Write an argumentative essay about Donald Trump did not incite Capitol Riot. Its important it has all citations in text […]
May 19, 2023

Politics and rights

Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine had radically different conceptions of the rights: who should have them, where they come from, […]
May 19, 2023

Was Brutus a betrayer or a patriot?

Write an argumentative 5 paragraph essay with a counterclaim on if Brutus from Julius Caesar was a betrayer or a […]
May 17, 2023

Democracy In Ancient Greece

After reviewing the section “Athenian Democracy” in your textbook, think about the similarities between ancient democracy and modern American democracy. […]
May 16, 2023

Political parties

America has been a two-party system throughout our history, and most Americans regard this arrangement as natural. But among the […]
May 12, 2023

Political correctness and comedy

Having thoroughly researched your topic on political correctness and comedy, your goal is to make a persuasive argument that will […]
May 1, 2023

Women’s Right to Vote

Craft an argument about the speech “On Women’s Right to Vote” by Susan B. Anthony In this paper, you will […]
April 30, 2023

The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon

Choose a work of art from any genre that depicts or tells the story of a real life event from […]
February 19, 2023

Learning the ropes of policy, politics and advocacy

The purpose of learning the ropes of policy, politics and advocacy is to influence health care or broader social agendas […]
February 13, 2023

Russia’s influence campaign

Russia’s influence campaign in one of the emerging powers in 2020 (EXCEPT FOR ITALY. Discuss
January 31, 2023

The different types of electoral systems

Describe the different types of electoral systems. What are the differences between the plurality, majority, and proportional representation systems? Where […]